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Hot Wheels Split Decision (2007)

I found this Hot Wheels Split Decision model in my diecast toy box today.

It's one of my favourite fantasy diecast models.

This model would make a great batmobile especially with the opening roof.

With the metal base and plastic body, the split decision should do really well on the orange track.

The front grill looks super cool.


Here's the metal base.  The car is made in Malaysia.

Hot Wheels made about a dozen different versions of this model, but I like this one the best.

I think the flat back paint and translucent blue windows is a stunning combination.

This split decision is from the 2007 Track Stars series.

Collections: My Favourite Orange Hot Wheels

Here's a few of my Hot Wheels collection today.  I picked out all of the orange muscle cars with 5 spokes.

AMC Javelin

86 Monte Carlo SS

 68 Chevy Nova

70 Dodge Charger
70 Chevy Chevelle

 68 Plymouth Barracuda

70 Plymouth Roadrunner

68 Ford Cougar
 68 Mercury Cyclone

 67 Chevy Chevelle

71 Dodge Demon

68 Copo Camaro (with wheel swap)

Thanks for looking!