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Hot Wheels Datsun Fairlady 2000

Happy New Year!  I just found this little beauty at a nearby Walmart.  There were tons of this new Hot Wheels Datsun Fairlady 2000 in the dump bin, both on short card and long card.  

I was worried that it would be hard to find this new 2016/2017 casting but it looks like Mattel made sure there will be plenty to go around.

The Fairlady is part of the 2017 Legends of Speed sub series and is number 22 of 365 cars for this year.  Looks like there will be a new or recolored model for each day of the year.

This new casting has lots of nice details on the front grille and rear tail lights.  There are some pretty aggressive fender flares around the wheels.

With all the racing logos, there's no doubt this import is ready to race.  I can't wait to see this model re-issued in normal non racing livery.  I have a hunch that Mattel will probably re-issue this car in gloss or flat black pretty soon.

Spotlight: 59 Chevy Delivery

Today's featured vehicle is a Hot Wheels 59 Chevy Delivery. It's one of 6 cars from the 2014 Star Trek Pop Culture series.

The card art features a comic book image of Mr. Spock saying his famous phrase Live Long and Prosper.  There's also a picture of the Starship Enterprise on the upper right corner of the card.

Here's the back of the card with renderings of the 6 cars that make up this series.  I also picked up the Jeep Wagoneer from this series.

The left and right side designs are mirror images of each other.

The artwork features the Star Trek logo, a picture of Spock's face and the Enterprise.

Tail end view.  The rear lights are nicely detailed.

The roof of the 59 Chevy Delivery features an image of Bones, Captain Kirk and Spock with the Star Trek insignia.  Love the louvres on the hood.

The car sits really low to the ground.  Really nice detailed grille and headlights.

Big fat rubber all around on chrome steelies.  The tires have whitewalls on them.

According to the Hot Wheels wiki, this casting has only been used six times between 2010 and 2014.