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First Issue 2013: Rescue Duty and Repo Duty

At first I thought the all new 2013 Hot Wheels castings called Rescue Duty and Repo Duty had the same chassis but I was wrong.  While the two vehicles look almost identical, there are subtle differences in the grille and roofline.  I might swap out the wheels of the Rescue Duty and put 5 spokes on it to match it up to the Repo Duty.  Now I need to find the Mega Duty and Diesel Duty trucks to complete my set.  Both of these trucks look great at the race track.

Brand: Hot Wheels
Series: 2013 Mainline
Models: Rescue Duty, Repo Duty


  1. Great Looking , But Most Repo Trucks Are Plain To Blend In And Have No Lettering So The People Can't Call And Give Us S it For Repossessing There Car .

  2. My kid has the repo truck. He's completely into hot wheels while I am more a matchbox fan :P.

    But ofcoures, we have more hot wheels than matchbox cars.

    Both however are better than the competitors in the same scale range. They're practically indestructible. Wrote an article about it called Matchbox vs Hot Wheels vs Majorette Toy Cars . You can check out a cool photo session I made.


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