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Spotlight: 1998 Tail Dragger (41 Ford Coupe)

hot wheels tail dragger

The Hot Wheels Tail Dragger was first introduced in 1998 and was one of the heaviest castings.  Pictured above is the purple first edition. Years later, the tail dragger would be re-issued with the plastic base. The green one is from 2011 and is the first time the plastic base was used.  Love the low rider stance and metallic colours.  This car is based on a 1941 ford coupe.

Brand: Hot Wheels
Series: Mainline
Model: Tail Dragger
Year Issued: 1998
Scale: 1/64


  1. These are awesome cars designs. who has made these cars? These looks more awesome then the real world luxury cars even..

    1. Hi aman, i think motormax also makes diecast of the 40s ford coupe.

  2. Tail dragger is one of my favorite castings. I have a collection of quite a few.


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