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Collections: 2012 1986 Monte Carlo SS

2012 hot wheels monte carlo

Here is the very nice first issue of the Hot Wheels 1986 Monte Carlo SS painted  in a stunning gloss black.  This casting first came out in 2010 and it rocks.

The blue one came out in late 2011 but I wasn't liking the wheels, so I switched them out.  My Holley tampos are starting to show some wear so i may strip off the tampos completely in the near future.

The orange Monte Carlo with the Holley logo is sharp too.  I have picked up a few more of these Hot Wheels for future base transplants if required.

Looks like my tampo issue only affects the right side of the vehicle.  Driver's side still looks pristine.

The tail lights are painted on the black model and I wish Mattel had done the same on the later versions.

Only the mainline versions of this Monte Carlo showed up in Canada but I think there are 2 premium versions that I don't yet have.  Do you have them all?

Brand:  Hot Wheels
Series: 2012 Mainline
Model: 1986 Monte Carlo SS

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